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At the Seattle law firm of Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. we are experienced litigators with successful solutions.


The law firm of Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. offers you over 33 years of combined experience in criminal defense, personal injury, and appeals.

Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. is a top-rated law firm on citysearch.com, and our clients know that we fight for their rights. To see what our clients say about us, visit our testimonials page, and click a quote to view a complete client testimonial.

Our firm limits the client case load to make sure that we have the time to devote to your case. Limiting our case load ensures that you receive complete and thorough legal representation. We understand that your legal case is the most important issue in your life at this time, and our goal is to provide you with the best legal representation for the best possible legal outcome.

We use the latest technology and electronic research tools to provide you with thorough and efficient legal representation. That keeps your legal fees as low as possible, and provides you with the best and most economical legal representation to win your case.


The Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. attorneys provide compassionate and aggressive legal representation. In our many years of experience defending clients successfully, we have provided them with:

  • Thorough preparation and investigation
  • Extensive courtroom experiences in front of judges and jurors
  • Aggressive and creative cross-examination of the toughest expert witnesses
  • Unique approaches to defending clients that have resulted in winning trials

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At Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. we love our work and we pride ourselves in serving you with compassionate listening and understanding, while we aggressively litigate your case to the best possible outcome. We listen to you because we believe that by doing so we can understand your legal needs best. Then we use our superior legal experience and vast knowledge of the law to ensure that you achieve the best outcome for your case.

We also understand how difficult any legal situation is for you, and we believe that you deserve comprehensive and persistent legal representation when you need to retain a lawyer. We take pride in our ability to negotiate and develop creative solutions for you, if you find yourself in a situation with seemingly impossible legal odds. We are committed to providing you with the same service that we would want for ourselves.


We provide you with a free initial consultation, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about a legal situation. We can help! And, if we can’t represent you, we may be able to refer you to another attorney who can. Call us at 206-957-2247.


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