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We are experienced trial attorneys with over 33 years of combined legal experience, and we can help you with your misdemeanor or felony criminal case in State and Federal courts.

We know how to win criminal cases, and we use that knowledge and experience to successfully represent our clients when they need us. We handle criminal cases of all types, including but not limited to the following:

Criminal Cases Represented by Our Law Firm in Seattle

Domestic Violence Case

Our client had never been in trouble in his life. While going through the process of a divorce, his wife accused him of domestic violence assault and tried to take his children away. In preparation for trial, we worked closely with his divorce attorney and conducted detailed interviews of his wife and other witnesses. At trial we were able to discredit the charges of domestic violence through her own prior statements and those of other witnesses. The jurors quickly acquitted our client.

Attempted Murder and Burglary Case

On behalf of a client, we filed a post trial motion to withdraw guilty plea because his original attorney had plead him guilty to attempted murder and burglary in first degree without an adequate investigation into both the law and the facts. After extensive research and interviews of numerous witnesses we brought a successful motion to withdraw the pleas.

Criminal Drug Case

Client was facing many years in prison on smuggling charges. Dissatisfied with his attorney client hired us. After thorough investigation, which included 21 interviews, charges were reduced to a gross misdemeanor and community service.

Child Molestation Case

Our Client was charged with multiple counts of first-degree child molestation. From the beginning we suspected that the mother and aunt had improperly influenced the children to make these false accusations. Through our extensive investigation and detailed interviews, we were able to successfully demonstrate that our client was wrongly accused. The prosecutor had no choice and dismissed all charges of child molestation against our client before the start of trial.

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