Unlicensed Nurse Administered Fatal Dose of Morphine

Many of us know that someday we may live in a nursing home. If we do happen live out our remaining golden years in a nursing home, then we hope, yes pray, that it will be a pleasant and reputable place that will take good care of us. For those of us with loved ones in nursing homes, we also want assurance that our beloveds are receiving the best care available. It is hard to understand why a nursing home would allow an unlicensed and unregistered nurse to administer medical care to its patients. That is just what happened at Madison House in Kirkland. Phyllis Conant died after receiving a morphine dose 10 times greater than the doctor’s prescription. Sure mistakes do happen. But when a facility fails to implement proper precautions, then it needlessly endangers its patients. Allowing an unregistered nurse to administer medical care and medications falls far below a reasonable standard of care.

Kiro TV News Source

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