Over 50 years of combined legal experience

Personal Injury Claims Generally


We have insider’s knowledge of the insurance claim process. Prior to opening our plaintiff practice, we worked as senior trial attorneys for a national insurance company.


We handle negligence cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay attorney fees until you are compensated for your injury. You receive top quality legal service and get the results you deserve without paying any money up front.

We intentionally keep our case-load small, which allows us to focus fully on our individual clients. By taking the time to understand each unique client, we foster trust and partnership, build stronger cases, and achieve the results our clients deserve.


We handle negligence cases of all types, including:


  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Premises Liability
  • Motor Vehicle, Pedestrian and Bicycle Collisions


What to Know About Personal Injury Cases


Representative Personal Injury Cases Handled by Dixon & Cannon, Ltd.


Wrongful Death Claim


Our client, whose husband passed away after he was seriously injured at a retail establishment, had previously consulted with other attorneys who did not believe there was any liability. We met with her and were moved by what had happened. Through our investigation and research, we were able to uncover significant facts and legal arguments demonstrating fault. After bringing a wrongful death claim, we were able to negotiate an extremely favorable settlement for her.


Auto Accident Case


Our client was seriously injured in an auto accident. Our client received a favorable verdict eight times higher than previous offers. In the beginning, she tried to handle her claim with the insurance company on her own. After receiving an unfair offer, she hired us. Through our efforts, the insurance company raised their offer. But ultimately we had to fight for fair compensation at trial. After hearing from several of her treating doctors and witnesses, the jury returned a favorable verdict which was eight times higher than the last offer extended by the insurance company.


Auto Accident Case


Our client hired us to help her after she was injured in two auto accidents. In both collisions, client sustained whiplash injuries to her neck and back. Fortunately, these injuries resolved one and a half years. We filed suit on her behalf and, in lieu of an expensive trial, attempted to resolve her claims at arbitration. After hearing all the evidence the Court appointed arbitrator awarded a fair amount of compensation. Unfortunately, one of the insurance companies dug in their heels and rejected the arbitrator’s award. At trial after hearing from several of her treating doctors and witnesses, the jury returned a verdict almost exactly the same as what the arbitrator had previously given. Because at trial, we fought and won a fair verdict, the law required the insurance company to pay our attorney’s fees which significantly increased our client’s compensation.

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