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At the Seattle law firm of Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. we take pride in the work we have done and the way in which we have helped our clients through difficult times. To see what our clients have had to say about us, you can click a quote on this page to view a complete client testimonial.

Over 50  years of combined legal experience


Client testimonial   “The Strongest type of advocate you can have.”


“The true telling of what a fantastic lawyer Jim is came at the time we all need it most. That time is when it comes to standing up for you in front of a judge and prosecutor. This is where I have been the victim of and seen many cases take a hard turn for the worse as the judge or prosecutor argues his case about you. It’s this tense set of minutes that can make or break a case. At the part in my case where everything could have gone wrong and historically has for me, Jim used sharp intellect to influence the court from any detrimental course and defined the meaning of the word ” advocate.”


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Client testimonial   “Dixon & Cannon, You Simply Can’t Do Better”


“I fully credit Jim with the success of my case. His years of experience in the Puget Sound area have provided him with a deep understanding of our northwest legal system. He personally knows the players (judges, prosecutors, fellow attorneys) in the different jurisdictions and when you observe his interactions with them, it is clear he has earned their respect.”


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Client testimonial   “I thank God every day for what this man has done for me”


“I was recently charged with a domestic violence assault two felony. I was facing up to ten years in prison for something I didn’t do. I also had a civil suit filed against me. When I first meet with Jim I knew right away he was the one to help me. He proved everything I told him. The case was dismissed against me. which is never done in a domestic violence case of this nature. And the civil suit was dropped.

I thank God every day for what this man has done for me. He is not only a great attorney but also a great friend.”


As posted on AVVO by Teddy





Client testimonial   “Great comforting and attentive representation”


“Jennifer helped me defend against an anti-harassment order. She took the time and paid great attention to detail to prepare a great case. Her well worded responses to the court and deep knowledge of the appropriate courses of action for these specific incidents led to a great outcome. Thanks!“


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Client testimonial   “Perceptive and ingenious lawyer”


“There is a deep sense of reassurance to have someone in your corner. An advocate. Someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and fight on your behalf. Jim is that person.”


As posted on AVVO by Ashley



Client testimonial   “Exceptionally skilled and compassionate attorney”


“The words can’t explain how grateful I am of how Jennifer handled my case when I was totally lost with a devastating situation of wrongfully accused. More than anything, it was very important for me that an attorney who represented my case believed in me. She took me under her wings and guided and comforted me with all her compassion and knowledge, and reassured me in every step of the way that it will be okay. Ultimately, my case was dismissed so that it would never be tried again. A long time after my case ended, she contacted me out of her concern to see how I was doing. It’s no wonder that she is highly recommended both from her peers and clients. Aside from being a highly skilled and knowledgeable attorney, having a genuine compassion for another human being is a gift. Jennifer has it all.“


As posted on AVVO by Criminal Defense Client



Client testimonial   “The best man for the worst situation!”


“From the initial consultation to sound advice after the dismissal of my case Jim took care of the legal situation and helped maintain my morale better than anyone else in my corner of the universe.”


As posted on AVVO by Criminal Defense Client



Client testimonial  “Does he walk on water too???”


“I was facing manufacturing/cultivation charges on a substantial number of plants that could have went federal. With the help of Jim Dixon I plead out to a gross misdemeanor and avoided a felony charge. This was completely UNEXPECTED considering the circumstances around my case, but Mr. Dixon was able to save me from my second felony which was crucial to my future success.”


As posted on AVVO by Davis



Client testimonial  “Compassionate, caring & most importantly: successful”


“He’s the kind of person that will take the time to carefully listen, empathize, offer valuable advice, keep you informed of every step & every possibility, call you on a Saturday morning if he had a thought or revelation, even offer you a ride in the rain when it’s pouring outside… these are all indicative of someone who is thoroughly invested in not only his job, but, also, you.”


As posted on AVVO by Criminal Defense Client



Client testimonial  “Best attorney in seattle”


“After meeting with Jim, I knew I was going to pick him. With his extensive experience and his great personality, I knew he was very professional and that he really cared about me and my case. “


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Client testimonial  “Great lawyer!!”


“Jennifer saved my son! I hired her after my son got into legal trouble. She took great care of us, developed a strategy with us, kept us informed every step of the way, then she went to work, doing what she does best. She got our case dismissed!! Jennifer is experienced and tough as nails. Yet one of the kindest hearts around, truly compassionate! I would hire her again in a second.”


As posted on AVVO by Andy








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